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Hans Kruse Photography

My name is Hans Kruse and I'm an experienced landscape and nature photographer. I'm Danish and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. Landscapes have been a special addiction for many years. Landscape pictures worth looking at are not so easy to take and many of my first landscape pictures have been deleted for the same reason, but I saw many great landscape photos from the masters and fealt it could be learned how to take these magnificent photos. As with everything it takes a lot of time, effort, money, pain, etc. to get beyond the beginners stage and start to master a given area. I learned that in my former professional work in the IT industry and how much it took. There is a saying that it takes 10.000 hours to become an expert in a given field. Doing photography is in that respect no different than any other craft. It's not just about technology like which camera system you have and what tools you have, it's much more about learning to see with your eyes and select carefully what you want to show. Select what works from what doesn't work is a critical element to work on before you even lift the camera view finder to your eyes. Selecting the time of year, the time of day, the weather conditions, the details are critical elements of getting a photo that is worth looking at. Technical understanding and mastering necessary techniques are essential to present your vision into real photos. For a landscape photographer I believe it is essential to travel a lot to get inspired and spend enough time at a given location to get some really good interpretations of the landscapes available at that location. A new landscape can open your eyes in a way unimaginable and it can inspire to see known landscapes in a new way. I also enjoy shooting wild life in nature and I will typically every year make some trips for that sole purpose.

I organize photography workshops in interesting and beatiful places. I'm doing this since I believe that workshops is a very good way to bring together photographers at different levels to get inspiration from meeting other photographers and being presented with some great scenes already preselected when the workshop was organized. This reduces some of the complexity of taking landscape photos, since given an already great landscape and good viewpoint the "rest" is simply taking the picture, however that does including deciding on the specific composition including choosing the lens to use, framing the image and deciding the technical parameters for the shot. This is great fun and an experience on many levels. The total dedication to photogtraphy for some days from (sometimes very) early mornings to late evenings can be a real eye opener and an experience that will last for years in memory. I'm currently organizing workshops in Italy in the national parcs of the Dolomites, Abruzzo and in Tuscany. In addition workshops in Scotland (Isle of Skye) and Norway (Lofoten).

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