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June 18-July 2, 2018 (2 spots open!)

Welcome to our Luminous Vietnam photo tour spectacular! Why Vietnam? Simple – it’s one of the most culturally fascinating and magnificently photogenic nations on earth, w/ great and colorful extremes of both peoples and landscapes. It’s simply a must for any travel photographer worth their salt, novice to professional, and all experience levels are welcome.

“My Luminous Vietnam Journey was far and away the best photo tour I have been on. It was more than a photo tour, it was an investment in myself as a keen photographer, it gave me the opportunity to engage with ordinary Vietnamese people and some extraordinary professional photographers in David and Phuoc – I have visited 42 countries and been on enumerable holidays and tours – this one really was the trip of a lifetime” – Lindsay Earle

Make no mistake about it – this Vietnam photographic journey – during the best visibility of the year in the north – offers the absolute best shooting schedule in existence. No hype. We invite you to check out the competition and compare, because we know you’ll be back! It’s only fitting then, that a photo tour at this level be designed & led by one of the planet’s foremost travel photographers, multi-major award winner and National Geographic contributor, David Lazar.

David is more than just an outstanding photographer and experienced photo tour leader – he’s also a joy to travel and make pictures with. His photo tours are relaxed yet focused, and he always puts his guests’ image making in front of his own. You will learn a lot shooting with David, and he is more than happy to offer Lightroom and Photoshop tutorials to everyone interested.

David and his amazing Vietnamese team-mate, Nguyen Vu Phuoc, as well as our logistics whiz Diep Van, will always effort to have you on location at the right time of day for the best available light for a particular shoot. There will be a mix of landscapes, people & portraiture, free shooting and arranged photo shoots in exotic settings, with both impromptu and professional models.

The itinerary is jam packed – from the mind blowing rice terraces of the north and their very colorful mountain tribes, to the sand dunes of the south-central coast’s Champa people with their rare strain of blue eyes. In between is an overnight, 4-star photo cruise on fabled Ha Long Bay; a visit to the rice paddies, canals and karst limestone formations of idyllic Ninh Binh; elegant Ao Dai model sessions in Hanoi’s old quarter, as well as within the resplendent ancient walls of Hue’s Imperial City; and amazing insider access at the World Heritage site of old Hoi An, provided by renowned French photographer and Hoi An resident, Rehahn.

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