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Hosted by: NOMAD PHOTO EXPEDITIONS - View Profile
April 2018
October 2018


Unique Cuba Photo Tours from 3,350,00 US$

Tour Leader: HARRY FISCH

INCLUDED:  All meals excepted two nights, First Class Hotel Accomodation in Havana, Insurance

 VISIT THE SITE; Nomad Expeditions Cuba 

  • Bilingual Photographer-tour leader (Harry Fisch)
  • A look into the world of Voodoo and Santeria
  • Photo sessions with more than 16 people posing in exceptional locations
  • A real photographic  tour with a workshop approach
  • The special people and characters of Havana. Musicians, painters, dancers, santeras
  • We’ll take a ride in a few classic American cars from the 50s
  • And many more surprising locations and activities

An exclusive US legal Photo Tour to Cuba, visiting Havana, Viñales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad, Private Photo Sessions and spontaneous work with world-class photographer Harry Fisch.

Please visit the Post An Incredible Cuba Photo Tour to get a more in-depth impression.



Whatever your country of origin is you can now join our very special Cuba Photo Tour.

Several photo sessions -with more than 16 people posing for us!- and photographic encounters have carefully been planed and created but, finally, It’s up to the photographer what they want the experience to be. We will have access to A Vodoo session (Santeria). Cuba National ballet dancers while training and shoe makers working and a few surprises along the way.

I will offer you many photographic opportunities related to people and cultural diversity: unique locations, spontaneous street photography, planed private photo sessions in very special surroundings.



The Cuba Photo Tour can be, depending on what you make of it, an intense photo tour or a light workshop.

It’s one to one instruction, where I personally address all questions and concerns. We will also conduct two to three photo reviews along the trip .

Should you want to know more, please visit the Cuba Photo Tour site

Harry arranged private sessions with professional models on selected sets and unique locations. It would be almost impossible to come away from a trip to Cuba with Harry without some fabulous images; and I highly recommend it for any serious photographer.

Bill Cain. USA.

Going with Harry Fisch takes it to a whole new level. We loved Harry’s ability to access behind-the-scenes opportunities and his go-with-the-flow process. This is no “standard” tour. I was concerned that my inexperience as a “real” photographer might get in the way, but I came away with new insights, confidence, and photos I’m proud to say are mine. 

Kaycey S. Hughlett. USA

… I am thrilled with my photographs and I learned a lot from our photographer leader, Harry Fisch.  He was extremely generous in sharing his knowledge and experience.

 We had opportunities to take spontaneous photos of Cubans on the street, as well as those in more organized set-up situations organized by Harry. 

Louise Grauer. USA

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