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Fine Art: Your Fame and Wealth – The must-have self-promotion Guide

Vladimir London - Author, Fine Artist & Art Tutor

Fine Art: Your Fame and Wealth. Who if not you? This book exposes the contemporary art marketplace, and provides valuable, practical information on how fine artists can create and develop their personal brands and profit from their art in the creative environment that is shifting rapidly to the digital era.

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Intuition Painting™ Facilitator Training Certification

Paint Awake™


Want to lead a unique, alchemical creative process that delivers Personal Empowerment and Transformation?

Would you like to join a movement to return ART back to its rightful place? As a powerful path to nurturing, growth, and transformation? A hidden map to our inner landscape, higher knowing, and radical insights?

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Masterpiece Christian Artist Conference June 14 - 17th, 2018 in Ashland Oregon

Masterpiece Christian Artist Conference and Workshops

Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts Foundation

Masterpiece Christian Fine Arts presents 13th Annual Conference/Workshops. Join other artists who share a Biblical worldview for professional camaraderie and painting workshops with Ted Mueller (Landscapes), Brittany Weistling (Still Life) and Joann Peralta (Figurative). Theme: “The Table” -A Look at Food’s Influence on Art and the Role of Sacred Hospitality.

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