Hosted by International Directory of Art Workshops & Retreats

The art workshop hosts and instructors (tutors) are invited to share their works (both instructors & students) along with workshop information (both past and upcoming events), inspire the viewers and encourage them to “take an action!

All entries will be displayed in the order that we received – starting from the top of the showcase page – first come, first served.

The entries will also be highlighted on our monthly newsletter – For Art Lovers Only.

Here are the items that we would like to post for each entrant.

  • Workshop host name
  • Brief description of workshop(s) and website link(s)
    – past and/or upcoming events
    – will be edited for the limited space
  • Workshop instructor(s) – name and brief introduction for each instructor
  • Images of works by instructor(s) and students with captions
    – up to 12 images per entrant

Entry fees – for 1 year exhibition:

$40 – for the ID (International Directory) members

Early bird special through June 25th. 2018
– $25

$80 – for non-members

Early bird special through June 25th. 2018
– $50

For additional images
$40 – for another set of 12 images

Update fee:
$30 – for contents/image replacement (up to 12 images)

Entry Procedure:

  1. Make your entry fee payment with the PayPal button of your choice above.
  2. Send us the items listed above via email at

Once we receive your entry fee payment and listing items, we’ll send you a confirmation email shortly.