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Online writing courses through the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing are conducted in affordable five-week sessions and are offered year-round, with summer and holiday breaks. In Writing for Children's virtual classroom, you can learn how to write for children and young adults, from anywhere in the world.

The magical thing about writing for kids is, you get to meet the child still alive inside you!

Do you remember the smell of damp earth after rain?  Being afraid of the dark?  Can you recapture the feeling of how tall everybody was around you?  What about the lump in your throat when a teacher raised her voice?  Or the relief when you got lost and some kind grown-up helped you home?

Writing For Children: Voice, Story & Structure will show you how to unlock that storehouse of impressions and experiences where fresh stories wait on every shelf.  Weekly assignments guide you in blending memory and imagination.  Writing exercises teach specific skills.  You will learn how to write a children’s book by:

  • Building structures that carry strong stories;
  • Tapping into a fresh, authentic voice relevant to children or young adults;
  • Modeling on traditional children’s book themes(fantasy writing, circle stories, accumulation tales, transformation stories).

Writing a children’s book is something anyone can do.  The secret ingredient is speaking directly to the child.  It’s the wonder of discovery, and it occurs when the authentic voice of the writer meets the authentic self of the child.  You can make that magic easily, naturally, in this exciting five-week online writing course, Writing for Children:  Voice, Story & Structure. Taught by Helena Clare Pittman.

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