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Online writing courses through the Elizabeth Ayres Center for Creative Writing are conducted in affordable five-week sessions and offered year-round, with summer and holiday breaks. "Learn to see with the tip of your pen" in The Writer's Eye, from anywhere in the world.

You know you love to write.

You’re pretty sure you’re good at it.  But you want to be better than good.  You want to be your best, to do the meaningful, imaginative work you know you’re capable of. Which means you need 3 things:

  • Greater depth, because when you write from the place where you’re most yourself, you’re writing from the place where you’re connected with everyone else;
  • Greater command of language, because words are your medium and your message;
  • Greater understanding of how memorable writing achieves its impact.

The Writer’s Eye online writing classes give you all this and more.  You will

  • Provide short responses to assigned readings, thereby developing your critical thinking skills. (Good readers make better writers.)
  • Craft stories, poems or personal essays triggered by a given week’s theme.
  • Develop your editing skills as you ask for targeted feedback on your work and provide feedback on the work of your peers.
  • Apply weekly prompts to new or existing projects.
  • Use the course structure to cultivate a regular writing practice that fits your life, even after class ends.

Developed by Elizabeth Ayres and led by Stacia M. Fleegal, The Writer’s Eye provides the perfect foundation for any committed writing practice: fiction writing, nonfiction writing or poetry writing.

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