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July 12 - 16, 2017
St. Stephen's Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

Learn How to Be More Creative in our Experiential Creativity Workshop

• Learn practical techniques to ignite your creativity, imagination, and innovative thinking

• Get over creative blocks, writer’s block, and paralyzing self-criticism

• Find new sources of inspiration in everyday life

• Establish a 15 minute a day creativity practice to accomplish these goals

A Workshop for Everybody

Since 1993 The Creativity Workshop has brought together people from all professions, ages, and nations. What Creativity Workshop participants all have in common is an interest in the creative process, a spirit of curiosity, and the desire to explore and harness the power of their imaginations.

Our creative courses will help you improve your creativity by doing creative writing, memoir, mapping, photography, storytelling, collage, free-form drawing, mindfulness, and guided visualizations.

Our participants meet like-minded and inspiring individuals and make lifelong friends. All of our creativity and innovation classes are taught in English.

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