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Carrer d'Astúries 36, Barcelona

Jiwar Creation and Society is an artist and research residence that hosts and supports all professionals whose work is based or inspired by urban space.

The concept of the project is inspired from the Mediterranean tradition of jiwar, an Arab word that literally means neighbourhood. Beyond this meaning, Jiwar evokes a philosophy of life that consists in neighbouring values and bridging experiences.

Jiwar works with open calls and specific projects. According to our philosophy of public engagement, we invite our residents to share their projects with the city and the community. We work in network with the most representative institutions as the City council, the public libraries, galleries, schools and colleges, artist’s organisations, etc. to disseminate our residents work.

Writers are welcome all the year, when they can live together with artists from other disciplines and origines. However, there is an specific Writers program every April. During this month, all Jiwar activities are devoted to writing.

Jiwar spaces are perfect for writers. Located in a heritage house built in 1.886 following the Catalan Art Nouveau (Modernisme) with a 700 sqm backyard garden in the heart of Gràcia district, Jiwar Residency is unique for its space and environment, it is a place where to create and share. It’s an ideal space for writers, with huge studios and good desks and light, with a library and a veranda shared with other artists.


Due to lack of financial support, Jiwar has very limited funding potential.
However, we help the candidates with all that they may need for their grant bids in their own countries.

Selected artists participate in the cost of the project. The fees are from 850€/month to 1.250€/month depending of the studio room standard.

Prices include:

– Jiwar staff support and coordination.

– Comfortable Housing in Jiwar Residency. 4 individual study rooms and a lot of shared spaces: gallery, library, garden, well fitted kitchen and many facilities such as wi-fi, regular full cleaning etc.

– Information on Barcelona cultural events depending on the resident interests


Send your application to jiwar@jiwarbarcelona.com in English, Spanish, French, or Arabic.

Application must include:

  • preferred dates of residence
  • a short CV
  • a sample of recent work representative of the style and philosophy of the candidate work
  • a short description of the project that the candidate intends to develop while in residence
  • spoken languages

Jiwar support actions:

  • welcome session. The resident is invited to lunch or dinner whereby he/ she meets Jiwar management and the other residents
  • Jiwar keeps the resident informed about the artistic and cultural events in Barcelona depending on the area of his/ her activities and interests
  • Jiwar connects the resident with the local professionals in his/ her area of activity through meetings and round tables
  • we facilitate the paticipation of the resident in the cultural and popular celebrations of our district
  • for residences of more than three weeks, Jiwar invites the resident to organise an event whereby he or she can share his or her project with the local audience and professionals: open studio, performance, reading, exhibition etc. Participatory workshops are highly recommended for specific audiences such as children, students, emigrants, disabled etc.

To know more about us:


Facebook: Jiwar Creation & Society

Twitter: JiwarBCN

Instagram: jiwarbarcelona

e-mail jiwar@jiwarbarcelona.com


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