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July 16, 2017
Palm Springs, California

July 16, 2017
9:00 am – 3:00 pm

(please note we start an hour earlier due to their summer hours)
Heritage Palms Country Club
(Just past Jefferson on Fred Waring)
Discovering Your Truth Through the Power of Writing
This workshop will lead you through a purposeful excavation of your memories, showing you how to turn them into something greater than their individual parts, something healing and transformative!
In this workshop I will show you why I believe that writing makes everything better.
I will show you how using your life story and putting it into fiction creates a therapeutic value in your writing you create a coherent narrative and you shift perspective.  It allows you to distance yourself and to become a spectator to life’s roughest seas.
I will show you how to dig deep and create a certain type of authenticity that will create an indelible story.
We will have several break out sessions to write and share.
Trust me, you will love this class and leave excited to start writing what you just learned!
To register:
Just follow these two easy steps!
1. email me at thememoircoach@gmail.com to reserve your space!
2. Mail your check to:
TLC Writing Workshops
Tammy L. Coia
712 E Vista Chino
Palm Springs, CA 92262
You can also reserve some one on one coaching! I will be available for private coaching
July 10-14 and
July 17-21
One on One Fees $40 per hour
Summer Special only $30 per hour
All materials included and Sunday Brunch
Cost: $125.00

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