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June 4, 2018 to July 13, 2018
Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH, US


Since its inception in 1996, Odyssey has become one of the most highly respected workshops for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Top authors, editors and agents serve as guests, and 59% of graduates go on to professional publication.

The six-week workshop is a serious, demanding program for developing writers whose work is approaching publication quality and for published writers who want to improve their work. The workshop is held each summer at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire. College credit is available.

Class meets for 4 1/2 hours each morning, five days/week. Half of class time is spent on lectures, writing exercises, and discussions; the other half is spent workshopping student stories. Students devote afternoons/evenings to writing, critiquing each other’s work, and completing class assignments.

Guest lecturers visit one day/week, to add their own unique insights and perspectives, and to give students feedback on their work. Lecturers for the 2018 workshop include some of the top writers, editors, and teachers in the field: award-winning authors Gary Braunbeck, Theodora Goss, E. C. Ambrose, Nisi Shawl, and Elizabeth Hand; and award-winning editor and publisher Scott H. Andrews.  Scholarships and a work/study position are available.

About Director Jeanne Cavelos: Jeanne Cavelos was a senior editor at Bantam Doubleday Dell, where she edited fantasy, science fiction, and horror, and won the World Fantasy Award for her work. She is also the best-selling author of seven books. As director and primary instructor at Odyssey, she provides an advanced, comprehensive curriculum and the same unflinchingly honest, detailed feedback she provided as an editor. She works individually with students and charts their progress. She was recently nominated for the World Fantasy Award for her work teaching Odyssey.

What Graduates Say

“I have three graduate degrees, but I can easily say that Jeanne Cavelos is the best instructor I’ve ever had. I came to Odyssey with specific ideas about what the problems were in my fiction. During the first week, I learned I had problems with my fiction that I didn’t even realize I had. Jeanne, though, teaches us that those problems should not overwhelm fiction writers; instead, she teaches us how to solve them.” –Brigitte McCray

“I learned more about writing in six weeks at Odyssey than I have struggling on my own over the last ten years.” —Rebecca Shelley

“The first two stories I ever sold would not have been written without Odyssey.” —Elaine Isaak

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