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October 17, 2016
Dublin, Ireland

Do you love movies?
Have you always wanted to write a movie script but don’t know how to get started?
Maybe you’ve been writing screenplays for a while, but you’re feeling stuck. Want to learn how to get unstuck?
Are you frustrated with your writing?
Think you can’t sell your script because you don’t live in Los Angeles or London?
Want to learn how to make your script stand out from the pile?
Then this is the workshop for you.
Join Bill Boyle, award-winning screenwriter and master of visual storytelling, in this focused screenwriting workshop and get ready to be blown away.
You’ll begin to look at your screenwriting from a new perspective, one that will help you move forward with confidence and a renewed sense of excitement.
Through The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay method of screenwriting, you’ll learn how to:
• Create a powerful, visual narrative
• Write in the immediate present tense
• Use narrative pacing and descriptives
• Establish atmosphere
• Capture the pulse of screenplay dialogue
• Create vivid, engaging characters

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