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Darlene Hildebrandt / Digital Photo Mentor

Creator of Digital Photo Mentor Website

Darlene is the creator of Digital Photo Mentor, an online resource for beginner and intermediate photographers who want to learn to take better pictures.  

She's a photography teacher, tour leader, traveler, and a cat owner.

Professional Photographer

Darlene has over 30 years of experience as a professional photographer and has been teaching photography since 2011.

She is a Canon and Fuji user but speaks almost all other photography languages including; Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Pentax and more.

Managing Editor of Digital Photography School

Darlene is the current managing editor of one of the worlds largest photography education sites, Digital Photography School where two articles are published each and every day.

Welcomes photographers of any skill level

Whatever your skill level and experience, she can help you unlock the next level and take better photos.  Whether you're a beginner photographer who wants to improve his / her camera skills or an experienced photographer who just wants more experience shooting in the field while on a photography tour or workshop.

One on One Hands on Help

Darlene helps people learn how to use their cameras, troubleshoot and solve their problems, and get past their fears by going out with them  workshops and photography tours, as well as through articles on the DPM website and her online photography classes.

In Darlene's own words...

first and foremost I LOVE seeing the light bulbs go off, and I live vicariously through your eyes as you achieve your photography goals. I love the win/win it creates as you get to express the creativity that perhaps you didn't even know you had—and I get to experience photography anew, through the passion and wide-eyed wonder of someone new to the art.

Workshops and Tours

Digital Photo Mentor specializes in photo tours to locations around the world including some off the beaten path.

Nicaragua is a great example, where our tour group interacts with the locals and helps with some amazing causes.

But more than just Central America.  DPM has now expanded to India, Myanmar, Morocco, Vietnam and even Peru.

Photography tours allows photographers to spend "in depth" time perfecting their craft.  Improving their skills while on vacation as it were.

Workshops allow photographers to hone their craft in a single location, without the time or disruption of travelling to new locations each day or two.

Digital Photo Mentor is now specializing in beginner and intermediate workshops, and groups photographers of similar skills into the same dates.  In other words... beginners learn with beginners and those with more advanced skills are grouped together as well.

Personal Vision

Darlene's vision is to help you be a little more creative, expand your horizons, and maybe even push your boundaries a little. She strives to provide a safe place to learn about photography and yourself as well as a chance to try new things and meet new people along the way.

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