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01-06 June 2018
Skyros island, Greece

The island of Skyros is an excellent example of a perfectly preserved traditional Aegean island, with mild tourism, during the summer, and virtually no intervention in its architecture and its pure folklore image.

From the very first moments that we will be shooting in this beautiful photo tour, here in the village and the streets that look as if they have come out of 19th century tales, it will be obvious that the folklore heritage, the arts and crafts have been preserved unchanged for centuries. But since we want to go this already rich photography workshop one step further, both photographically and in practice, in this all-inclusive package tour we offer an amazing woodcarving workshop with one of the oldest and best known craftsmen of Skyros so keep in mind that you will be both photographing and participating also in very rare woodcarving lessons for beginners!

The importance and uniqueness of this trip are not confined to «Chora» and its long tradition. PhotoVoyagers love animals and nature, so it is a fact that we will be moving and exploring the only mountain on the island, to the south, to track, to admire and to photograph the few herds of the last remaining Skyrian horses, this ancient breed found only here and which sadly has only a few dozen individuals left.

Woodcarving, pottery, photographing species on the verge of extinction, and incredible food, pristine beaches, tranquil holiday and, above all, locals with great sense of hospitality and love for a place that is still far from the unbridled tourism. A completely true and authentic image of the Aegean inside this unique All-Inclusive photography workshop

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