The Wing Dip, American Bald Eagle.

We are proud to offer this one of a kind photographic experience. This workshop will be offered 4 times a year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. During each workshop we will have two three hour sessions during each session participants will have the opportunity to photograph a total of six birds in flight and six static birds on beautiful perches.

This is quite simply an unbelievable opportunity! Imagine having a trained Great Horned Owl, Bald Eagle or other raptor flying back and forth between two perches right in front of your camera over a dozen times. With today’s auto focus cameras and the ability to track a bird in flight you are virtually guaranteed incredible images! Also it should be noted that a giant telephoto lens is not required to get great images. Steve uses his 80-400mm lens on these shoots and very often at the short end (80mm) of the zoom.

Photographer: Steve Gettle
Steve Gettle - Photo Tours & Workshops

Photographer's Profile / Services / Events:

Over the course of his 30-year career, Steve Gettle has spent countless hours creating hundreds of thousands of photographs capturing nature’s beauty around us. Steve’s images communicate his love for the wildlife and the wild places of our world.


Steve’s images have been exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world, including:
Museum of Natural History London
The American Museum of Natural History in New York
As well as two solo shows at The National Center for Nature Photography


Steve’s work has been featured in many books, magazines, calendars, and other publications including: The National Geographic Society, Canadian Geographic, Audubon, Sierra Club, The BBC, The World Wildlife Fund, The National Wildlife Federation, Birder’s World, Nature’s Best, Wild Bird, and Natural History.

Awards and Distinctions

Steve has been honored to receive many awards for his photography. Some of the highlights include being chosen as Great Lakes Wildlife Photographer of the Year, a multiple award winner honored in the BBC’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest, as well as often recognized in the prestigious Nature’s Best photography contest.

Photo Tours and Workshops

Steve especially enjoys sharing his knowledge through both private and group location-based experiences focused on individual nature photography development in once-in-a-lifetime locations.
In addition to his own photo tours and workshops Steve has given presentations and led workshops for organizations around the country including:
North American Nature Photographers Association
Rocky Mountain School of Photography
The Adirondack Photography Institute
The Photographic Society of America

Performances and Lectures

Steve Gettle is an engaging and inspiring speaker. Each year Steve presents his lecture series at various regional and national photography conventions and gatherings. He is prepared to speak on a variety of photographic and creative topics. Additionally, his one-day nature photography seminar "The Art of Nature Photography” is both educational and entertaining. Consider working with Steve to present the seminar in your area as a fund raiser for your organization.

Steve donates his time and work to multiple environmental and educational groups every year.

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