Alliances — The month-long Swasthani festival is difficult, testing the pilgrims’ resolve and faith. In order to overcome the hardships, the women support each other, forming alliances and new friendships that continue throughout their lives.

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Photographer: Mick Stetson
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MICK STETSON is a photojournalist and freelance photographer who specilizes in documenting cultures and people from remote regions within Asia. Mick focuses mainly on diminishing cultures and cultures that are transitioning or transforming as a result of the encroachment of modernity. He is especially interested in the effect that the pressures of globalization are having on the traditional lifestyles of various ethnic groups and how it affects their individual and cultural freedom.

Mick also operates Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours which are intimate, handcrafted photographic tours/workshops that will take you into the heart of a culture’s diverse landscape and customs. The tours are authentic journeys where you will explore and intimately experience ethnographic traditions that have survived for thousands of years. In addition to having a unique cultural experience, you will learn photographic techniques (either basic or advanced, depending on your current level) that will develop your photographic abilities and your personal vision.

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