Hosted by: Wildlife Workshops with Jeff Wendorff
July 4 - 17, 2019
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mongolian Culture Photo Tour Highlights

  • 13 Nights and 14 Days
  • Includes All in Country Lodging, Ground, and Air Transportation
  • Two Professional Photographer Leaders
  • Multiple Local Translators
  • Max Attendees: 8

Day 1
You will be picked up at the airport and transferred to our hotel in downtown Ulaanbaatar by our drivers.

Day 2
We will gather in the morning at 9 am to enjoy a leisurely tour of Ulaanbaatar city. Today is a day to acclimate to the time change and give you a city tour of Ulaanbaatar. The highlight of the day will be a visit to the stunning Gandan Monastery.

This leisurely tour takes you through some of the principal sights of this unique city. You visit the Gandan Monastery, housing a 26-meter high gilded statue of the Buddha. Here you will be able to photograph the Monks as they go about their daily activities and shoot inside and around the temple.

While out taking photos we will work on such things as using natural light for portraits and taking street style photography of the locals and monks going about their daily lives and chores.

Today we will have with us a model and a 13th Century Queens Dress. We will take our model into a natural setting and take portrait photos of her in the Mongolian Landscapes.

After our excursion into Mongolian culture and history, we will gather back at the hotel and discuss the week’s activities. Now is a chance to find out your expectations of the week and give you the itinerary for the workshop.

At night we have arranged for the group to visit a local musical performance including throat singing and Mongolian contortionists.

Day 3-5
For the next three days, we will immerse ourselves in the culture of the Kazakh Eagle Hunters. We will live as close as possible in the same manner of the tribe. We will eat with them and share their ger (tent) to sleep at night.

We start with an early morning flight to Bayan-Ogli the westernmost province of Mongolia. We will get picked up at the airport and transported to our accommodations with a local family, our hosts the next two nights.

During our time here we will live in a valley surrounded by mountains, the fields dotted with sheep, yak, horses, and local families that will invite you into their homes, engage in conversation with us and allow us to take photos of them as they live as they did for generations.

We will also have four private photo shoots with traditional eagle hunters in mountain settings as they put their eagles and horses through their traditional hunting practice.

You will witness eagles flying from mountains and landing on eagle hunters arms as they ride on horseback. You will photograph eagles hunting prey and be able to photograph these hunters running and riding horses with the eagles on their arms. Visiting the Eagle Hunters is truly is a once in a lifetime experience.

Day 6
Take the return flight from Ulgii to Ulaanbaatar arriving just in time for lunch.

After lunch, we will visit the Naadam Festival fields to photograph some of the sporting events such as horse races, archery, and ankle bone shooting competitions.

Day 7
Today we will enjoy a full day at the Naadam Festival. We will photograph activities such as wrestling, archery competitions, and horse races. There will also be thousands of local dressed traditionally as well as lots of music and dances around the Naadam fields.

You may also want to photograph the Naadam fireworks at the Central Square at night at around 10 pm. These fireworks are the largest and most brilliant fireworks I have ever seen, and they are a stone throw from our hotel. You will be positioned to photograph the fireworks above the main square and the parliament buildings. AWESOME!

Days 8-9
After an early breakfast drive to the Hustai National Park. Just 100 km away from the capital, it is the home of the Mongolian Przewalski horses which can be seen roaming wildly in this beautiful national park.

From there we will head to our ger camp near the beautiful Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes. After dinner, we will travel to the Sand Dunes to photograph the sun as it descends over the dunes.

Elsen Tasarkhai is one of the most picturesque places of Mongolia and is part of the 80 km long Mongol Els Sand Dunes. This place is a beautiful combination of pretty sand dunes, majestic granite mountains, lush green land, a bright, fresh spring and a little lake. Indeed, here you can enjoy seeing the combination of The Gobi and Khangai Natural Zones.

Together we will visit the Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes and Erdene Khamba Temple in picturesque Khugnu Khan Mountain Return to Ulaanbaatar and transfer to the hotel on the night of day 10.

Day 10
Today we once again take to the air and fly north to Lake Huvsgal in Moren. A day of traveling through the northern part of Mongolia to the most photogenic lake in Mongolia.

Day 11-12.
Days to visit a summer camp, home of Tsaatan Reindeer families. These Reindeer people have come down from the Taiga to the shores of Lake Huvsgul to earn some money from tourists showcasing their huts & reindeer.

During our time here we will live in a valley surrounded by mountains, the fields dotted with sheep, yak, horses, and local families that will invite you into their homes, engage in conversation with us and allow us to take photos of them as they live as they did for generations.

We will also have private photo shoots with some of the last Reindeer herders in Mongolia.

Day 13
The flight back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon our arrival back in Ulaanbaatar, we can visit the local cashmere outlets, so you have a chance to take advantage of the very inexpensive cashmere prices in Mongolia.

Day 14
Flight home as your schedule dictates. You will be transferred back to the hotel by our staff.

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