— The month-long festival is difficult, testing the pilgrims’ resolve and faith. In order to overcome the hardships, the women support each other, forming alliances and new friendships that continue throughout their lives.

“Inside Nepal — A Sacred Sojourn”

Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours

“Inside Nepal — a Sacred Sojourn” is an intimate, handcrafted photography tour/workshop that will take you into the heart of Nepal’s spiritual landscape and culture. It’s an authentic journey where you, the photographer, will explore and intimately experience the religious traditions that have survived for thousands of years.

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“Inside Nepal”

Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours

Imagine hiking along an ancient trade route then entering the winding cobbled lanes of a once thriving trade center; or meandering through the narrow back streets of a living museum, encountering the frenetic rhythms of the Navadurga dancers as they dance, possessed by spirits. This is the magic of Nepal.

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Nathan Horton Photography

Nepal is known for its magnificent landscapes but we run tours that offer a mix of historic, cultural and religious places including UNESCO World Heritage sites. We explore medieval kingdoms, pagodas, temples and hillside villages with an emphasis on encountering the diverse local cultures of the ethnic people of Nepal

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Photo Tour Nepal


Nepal is a paradise for lovers of street photography. Colourful scenes, beautiful and friendly people, and an active street life provide us with ample of opportunities for photography. This 12-day photo tour coincides with Tihar or Festival of Light.

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