— A Shinto god dances for the community elders of this small farming village in the mountains of Kyushu. The Kojiki, an ancient collection of Japanese myths, describes the possible origins of the Kagura dances as when the sun goddess, Amaterasu, retreats into a cave, making the world dark and cold. Another Shinto goddess, Uzume, danced wildly at the cave’s entrance, taking off her clothes, causing the other gods to laugh, and eventually luring Amaterasu out of the cave.

Japan’s Ancient Myth Road

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As the sword is drawn from the water, drops form on its edge, and when the gods sweep the blade through the sky these drops fall into the ocean, forming the mystical islands of Japan.

Discover the soul of Japan and its hidden realms of culture that few tourists experience.

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10 days of cultural bliss and one on one attention to greatly improve your skills as a travel photographer. Explore your creative outlets all over this beautiful and…

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