Quito, Ecuador  062217   6th day of shooting in CUENCA. We did mostly walking around Cuenca... during the maiden EMS Photo Adventures trip. (Essdras M Suarez©)

Corpus Christi Festival, Ecuador

EMS Photo Adventures

After a day in Quito, you will fly to Cuenca where you will spend your days photographing Cuenca’s architecture, people and activities surrounding the Annual Corpus Christi Festival. In addition, you will visit the studios of two of Ecuador’s world-renown artisans and make several excursions to areas surrounding Cuenca.

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Galapagos Islands Photography Workshop - © Greg Downing

Ultimate Galápagos Sailing Adventure


Join us on THE ultimate Galápagos tour aboard the only true sailing yacht in the archipelago! With Jan’s ample knowledge of the islands and their wild inhabitants along with Greg’s photography expertise, you will walk away with a full portfolio and solid knowledge of these unique islands.

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Galapagos, Amazon & Hummingbird Photography Tour

Chris Bray Photography

Unbelievable two week workshop starting off with the very best of the Galapagos including giant tortoises, tropicbirds, nesting frigatebirds, boobies, penguins, crabs, iguanas and snorkelling with playful sea lions and turtles.

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