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May 1 - 14, 2018

14 DAYS – 6,950 US$

Maximum: 10 participants

Tour Leader: HARRY FISCH.   One of his pictures of Varanasi won the 2012 World National Geographic Contest (and was later disqualified due to taking out a plastic bag…) . More than 14 years visiting several times per year Varanasi..

INCLUDED:  One internal flight to Varanasi and one International Flight to Nepal , All meals except one, All tips (except the guide),  1st Class Hotel in Delhi, Good local hotels in Varanasi





  • Organised set photo sessions, special locations, discoveries.
  • I am photographing India and Nepal at least three times each year since more than twelve years…
  • Our daily life in Benares, staying beside the Ganges, in contact with the people of our Gaht: pilgrims, barbers, flower salesmen, boatmen, Holy Men and the occasional tourist.
  • We will cross to the other side of the Ganges, rarely visited by anyone


  • Enjoy a photographic coverage of the old city, the temples, and witness the vicissitudes of Varanasi and Kathmandu.
  • The Gath’s, some hidden temples, the religious life on the Ganges.
  • The early morning and evening ceremonies next to the river.
  • Strolls along the streets of the city, the photographic corners observing the cultural diversity of the different ethnical groups.
  • Dusk in Kathmandu, Bodnath amazed by the sight of dozens of the faithful praying while they walk in concentric circles around the sacred Stupa illuminated by candlelight.


  • Our stay in a different Bakhtapur, enjoying the life of the people and the city at very special locations.
  • Our discovery of the Budhist monasteries in a different Kathmandu, enjoying the life of the people and the city at very special locations.

A special, deep, profound Varanasi and Nepal photo tour. With a serious stay in Varanasi, Haridwar and Rishikesh and a photographic immersion in the Kathmandu valley. Our photographic experience will begin in Delhi, were we will have a first –and strong- impression of the city. Our short stay will be mainly concentrated on the Chandni Chowk area, the old part of the city were we will have an extraordinary choice of photographic opportunities. We will then reach Agra were we will be visiting the Taj Mahal and, fly to Varanasi, also known as Benares or Kashi, the oldest inhabited city in the world before heading towards the Kathmandu Valley.

Take me to the Varanasi and Nepal Photo Tour


Varanasi is the city that represents all the spiritual and boiling India. We will get to know a different Benares to the one other tourists see. With time to enjoy our stay in contrast to the hustle and bustle of Shamans, boatmen, pilgrims, cows, tourists, barbers, and fake Sadhus. We will cross to the other side of the river where no one normally goes, to admire the city from another perspective and witness the daily coming and going of pilgrims. We will stroll though the back streets of the ghats, the alleys, and discover temples outside the normal tourist route. We will meet people there, and wait for the certainty of the unexpected to happen.

Our days will be really busy reaching the Ghats to photograph, amongst remains of wreaths and cremation ashes, Brahmins offering ritual shaving, dressed bathing women. Bearded, hirsute Holy Men, bare feet, watching stunned families bathing dressed in bright Indian saris. Groups of pilgrims down the huge wooden barges. Then the calm of our hotel, close to the Ganges, attending dinner before the night ceremony. In the calm of “our” Ganges. We will go down the sacred river in our boat and visit an “akhara”, a gymnasium where Kursty fighters train and compete. If we are lucky we will be able to make a photo coverage of their workouts.


Some days later we fly to the World Heritage site of the Valley of Kathmandu where an ethnic, cultural and architectural variety will be seen which is unique for photography. In Nepal, we will stay overnight not in Kathmandu itself but in Bakhtapur an extraordinary, quiet and calm zone of the city and will enjoy sunset and sunrise in the best photographic locations possible, taking advantage of the special light. We will witness the prayers of the faithful, and appreciate the city and its fascinating streets. A place of monuments without precedents and the unique amalgam of Hinduism, Buddhism and Tantrism that marks the rich religious and cultural inheritance of the city.

From there we will visit the valley, the temples. The place where the Sadhus sleep before their daily activity. We will see the Himalayas and meet in our daily wanderings the Sherpa, Chettris and Newaris tribes, as well as the Rais, Limbus, Tamangs and Magars.

Bakhtapur belongs to the UNESCO Universal Heritage, and most of the city is pedestrian. We will reach Bodnath, the centre of Tibetan culture in Kathmandu, which has a thriving Buddhist community and the largest stupa in Nepal, the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside Tibet. We will be at dusk and dawn in the best photographic location and will take advantage the best light, the moments in which the faithful conduct their prayers while we make close contact with people, and the great intimacy of the ceremonies, the city and its fascinating streets .

On the mornings we will usually start at dawn in order to be at the place when the first prayers begin. It will nearly be night photography, with candle lights. On the afternoon, again depending on the day, we will explore hidden places of the old city before dinner. Depending on the day and the photographic opportunities it will be time for a break, some organisation of our pictures and eventually a photographic analysis and discussion of the work done. Later, when the light will be appropriate, we will walk in the old city with its narrow alleys. Only then the sun enters and transforms everything.

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