Hosted by: Luminous Journeys
October 14 – 27, 2018

A.P. Soe is one of the top photographers in Southeast Asia, as well as an experienced and very popular photo tour leader. We are indeed proud to team A.P. with multi-award winning photojournalist, Mr. Boothee Thaik Htun. Together they provide

As unique and rewarding as travel photography in Myanmar is, the key to maximizing the experience is having leadership that not only has intimate knowledge of the land and its people, but who always puts their client’s image making above their own. A.P. Soe has shown himself time and time again as this kind of leader, always genial and generous with his time & willingness to share. The same is true for Boothee, whose warm personality and great sense of humor mean laughter is never far away.

Iconic Myanmar – Golden Triangle Expedition is uniquely exclusive, and ventures to places no other Burma photo tours do. The itinerary not only offers the most photogenic icons of the country, but takes you off the beaten path for rare image making opportunities in the Golden Triangle. Here you will trek to the village of a vanishing tribe and spend most of the day experiencing and photographing them, visit other tribal villages where they still dress in the traditional way, and be able to photograph the amazing rice terraces at harvest time.

Moreover, and in general, the level of inside access afforded on LJ photo tours is unmatched. This access is both experience and contact based – the latter meaning having a network of local insiders throughout the country who open doors that would otherwise remain closed.

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