Hans Christian Strikert


Hans Christian Strikert is the technical guy who sets a pride in knowing everything a DSLR camera can do.  He is a trained paramedic for more than 10 years and has run his own photography company Northern Workshops since 2011.  In both trades he is use to being an instructor and having a key eye on every participant making sure to give each of them hands-on time with him.  He is a Canon master and knows everything there is to using this brand.

He and his partner Jan Winther are running a very successful photography studio in Aarhus, Denmark. It is one of the biggest and most productive wedding photography businesses in Denmark with around 30 weddings each year.

They both have an outgoing passion for landscape and wildlife photography which have taken them to the Faroe Islands and Iceland many times.

Northern Workshops


Hans Christian Strikert (founder and primary photographer) and Jan Winther (co-photographer) run their company Northern Workshops.

Their mission is to share the fantastic experience of photographing some of the very best locations around the North Atlantic Sea.  They want to share their experience from their photography company and give that experience / know-how to every single participant.

Since 2011 they have had more than 200 participants on their local workshops in Denmark and they are now expanding. 

Upcoming Photography Workshops

Faroe Islands Photography Workshop
April 22nd to April 27th, 2018
5 day workshop to the Faroe Islands on the Northern Atlantic Ocean. 

The workshop will carry every participant through topics as landscape-, wildlife-, night photography and much more.

More Info

Photo by Northern Workshops (www.northernworkshop.com)

Photo by Northern Workshops (www.northernworkshop.com)

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