Model Shoot Workshop Atlanta Georgia

A Beauty in the Autumn Landscape Dramatic Model Shoot Atlanta Georgia

Robin Davis

Our beautiful MODEL will wear costume designs inspired by the early 1800’s, with long swirling frock coats, perfect for an Autumn-into-Winter theme, as the leaves are falling and the trees begin to show us their true shapes …a Creative Photographer’s delight and we hope you will join us!

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Bagan temples with cattle by Kyaw kyaw Winn

Photographers Gone Wild – Myanmar

Luminous Journeys

3-time Myanmar Photographer of the Year K.K. Winn is a great inspiration & the ultimate Burma insider. Photograph all Big 4 destinations, highlighted by the Ananda Pagoda Festival in ancient Bagan, then go way off the beaten path to storied Chin State to document the last of the “tattoo tribes”.

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Sonny Saunders Image -1--1387-2 (002)

Essentials of Digital Photography Workshop

Rookery Bay Reserve

You will learn how to use your camera’s shutter, aperture, ISO control and the drive modes to create images with impact and creativity.

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Smartphone 11

Princeton Photo Workshop: Make Better Pictures with Your iPhone (and Other Smartphone Cameras)

Princeton Photo Workshop

The phone that’s always in your pocket lets you capture the big events as well as the precious small moments

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Mountain sunset at White Sands National Monument © Nikhil Bahl

White Sands National Monument Photography Workshop


Dreamy landscapes come to life at White Sands National Monument, a unique and creatively challenging destination for landscape photography in New Mexico.

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Arctic Goose, Bosque del Apache © Nikhil Bahl

Bosque del Apache Photography Workshop


Discover the excitement and opportunities for creative photography at Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, a most spectacular refuge in North America.

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afrocuba dancer photo taken in a photography tour to cuba

Photography tours to Cuba led by Louis Alarcon

Louis Alarcon is a professional teacher and photographer who manages exclusive photography tours every month in Cuba, the place where he got married and that he now calls home.

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— A Shinto god dances for the community elders of this small farming village in the mountains of Kyushu. The Kojiki, an ancient collection of Japanese myths, describes the possible origins of the Kagura dances as when the sun goddess, Amaterasu, retreats into a cave, making the world dark and cold. Another Shinto goddess, Uzume, danced wildly at the cave’s entrance, taking off her clothes, causing the other gods to laugh, and eventually luring Amaterasu out of the cave.

Japan’s Ancient Myth Road

Offbeat Photography Workshops & Tours

As the sword is drawn from the water, drops form on its edge, and when the gods sweep the blade through the sky these drops fall into the ocean, forming the mystical islands of Japan.

Discover the soul of Japan and its hidden realms of culture that few tourists experience.

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Big Sur, CA Photography Adventure

Photography Adventures with Kent Weakley

Big Sur! Central California coast is a dynamic visual area to experience and create photographs. We will be taking in a wide array of situations and opportunities as we scour the Pacific Coast highway each day. From stunning seascapes to delicate macros, this trip will have it all.

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The Pepper Coast Photography Expedition™ 2017

GeckoWorkshops - Unique Photographic Journeys™- Original, Specialist Photography Workshops in India with Dariusz Klemens

A spectacular journey encompassing people, landscape, and wildlife photography, the Pepper Coast Photography Expedition™ takes us to Kerala, a singularly beautiful land with a vibrant cosmopolitan culture. Tropical, exotic, and multifaceted, this specialist 14-day workshop shadows the Pepper Route from mountains to sea, offering superbly varied photographic opportunities.

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death valley

Death Valley Photography Workshop

Exploring Exposure

The variety of photographic subjects in Death Valley are endless, a seemingly desolate desert surprises our clients on a regular basis. During this workshop our focus will be on you, this is not a free trip for us to extend our portfolio, we strive to give you the best experience.

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Phnom Penh Photography Tours

Nathan Horton Photography

Our tour is designed to both teach travel photography skills and show you Phnom Penh’s many photographic highlights from an insider’s perspective. Our aim is to encourage participants to see the city in a deeper way than the usual tourist experience so they home with great photographs to prove it.

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Angkor Temples Photography Tour

Nathan Horton Photography

Angkorian temples are scattered over an extensive site and our tour takes us to the most photographic temples, large and small. You will get to photograph monks and locals going about their daily lives. Nathan knows the temples inside-out and is good friends with many of the residents

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Take better photo's

Classic Cambodian Tour

Nathan Horton Photography Tours

After 10 years of calling Cambodia ‘home’, Nathan has developed the ultimate tours that show you this very unique country from an insider’s perspective. His aim is to encourage participants to see Cambodia with a deeper insight than the usual tourist experience.

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Alces alces, Moose, Grand Teton National Park. Wyoming.

Moose in Moose, Wyoming

Arizona Highways Photo Workshops

December is the best time to photograph the resident moose of Moose, Wyoming. Located in beautiful Grand Teton National Park, Moose is home to one of the most photographed groups of moose in the United States. Join resident wildlife photographer, Henry Holdsworth, for this winter wildlife adventure.

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Early Winter in the Badlands National Park

Bryan Hansel Photography

The landscape in South Dakota’s Badlands National Park feels unreal, like something out of a futuristic movie.

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