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22 - 28 June 2018
Tinos island, Cyclades, Greece

Tinos is located in the north of the archipelago, between Mykonos and Andros. It is mainly known for the church of Virgin Mary located in “Chora”, and a visit to this temple is the main reason that pilgrims from every corner of Greece come here, especially every August.

What most travelers do not know, Greeks or foreigners alike, is that Tinos hides some of the most beautiful and traditional villages of the Aegean, which are an incredible material for architectural photography and beyond that. Moreover, the rare and beautiful dovecotes, scattered mainly in the central part of the island deserve special mention and photographic attention. As always all our all-inclusive photo trips we design for you, we also reserve a surprise in the form of guided photo tours in Pyrgos, a village of unique beauty, north of Tinos, which is famous for its marble sculpture workshops.

So you will have the opportunity to meet and photograph some of the best artists while working, whose statues adorn houses, squares, museums and monuments in every corner of Greece and many other countries abroad, but also to introduce yourself to the magic and ancient world of marble sculpture. Tinos has some of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean, unique food that you will remember for a long time, and we guarantee you that this all-inclusive photography workshop will certainly be a great testing ground for your photography skills…

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