Hosted by: EMS Photo Adventures
June 14 - 23, 2018
Cuenca, Educador

Ecuador Corpus Christi Festival: June 14 –23, 2018

During the month of June the town celebrates the religious festival Corpus Christi. This festival takes place over the course of a week and at night many people head to the Plaza Calderon to socialize, listen to music and watch the most amazing fireworks.

This is the only photographic adventure that focuses on photographing the Corpus Christi Festival where participants are lead, guided and instructed by a world-class, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer.

This adventure also includes visits to outlying villages and local artisans, a half-day trip to Cajas Parque Nacional and plenty of opportunities to photograph other activities such as open-air markets and the street vendors that come from all over Ecuador to take part in the festival.

Event Host: Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Essdras M Suarez

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