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Bagan temples with cattle by Kyaw kyaw Winn

Photographers Gone Wild – Myanmar

Luminous Journeys

3-time Myanmar Photographer of the Year K.K. Winn is a great inspiration & the ultimate Burma insider. Photograph all Big 4 destinations, highlighted by the Ananda Pagoda Festival in ancient Bagan, then go way off the beaten path to storied Chin State to document the last of the “tattoo tribes”.

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Bali girl in traditional costume on Luminous Journeys photo tour.

Luminous Bali + Mt. Bromo, Java

Luminous Journeys

Photograph incredible HIDDEN BALI w/ renowned travel photographer & Nat Geo contributor David Lazar. Private Legong & Kecak dance, Buffalo Bull Races, spectacular rice terraces, portrait sessions w/ the Bali Aga, and surreal Mt. Bromo on the island of Java + Tengerr horsemen.

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cuba photo Tour



NOMAD PHOTO EXPEDITIONS US 100% LEGAL Photo Tour to Cuba. Spontaneous and Staged Photo Sessions with world-class photographer Harry Fisch. More than 16 people posing for us.!- We will have access to a Vodoo session (Santeria), Cuba National ballet dancers and much more.

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On Stage with NOmad Photo Expeditions


Nomad Photo Expeditions

NOMAD PHOTO EXPEDITIONS US legal Photo Tour to Cuba. Spontaneous and Staged Photo Sessions with world-class photographer Harry Fisch. More than 16 people posing for us.- More than 16 people posing for us!- We will have access to a Vodoo session (Santeria), Cuba National ballet dancers and much more.

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The stepwell by David Lazar with ladies in saris on India photo tour

Luminous India! Holi Festival (Extreme), Rajasthan, Varanasi & the Taj Mahal

Luminous Journeys

The apex of this most colorful photo tour occurs at the most exciting Holi Festival locations anywhere in India! David Lazar & Swarup Chatterjee take you inside India’s most photogenic icons & backstreets. Blue City of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Thar Desert, ancient & Varanasi on the Ganges, & the Taj Mahal.

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Tuscany Photography Workshop Cortona Italy

Photography Workshops in Italy

Cortona Center of Photography

Join renowned fine art photographer Robin Davis for this personal creative workshop, and experience an insider’s view of Cortona and the surrounding region of Tuscany. Since 1998 our student friends return year after year, for great food and fun, and a deeper understanding of meaningful self-expressive photography.

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Photography workshop in Cuba

Creative Cuba Photography Workshop (Santiago de Cuba)

Trina Koster Photography

Get out of the cold, explore the authentic Cuba, and have fun in the sun. Through the art of photography, we’ll teach you how to connect with the incredibly warm, open, and photogenic people of Cuba. We’ll also give you access to photographic opportunities that are typically reserved for photojournalists.

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Cocle, Panama 021308  Locals await fortransportation outside of a supermarket at the town of La Pintada in the province of Cocle, Panama on February 13, 2008.  The town got its name- which means the painted one- when a local teacher painted her house before there was a big settlement in the area. People used to give directions by saying, "when you get to the painted one..." (Essdras M Suarez/Boston Globe)/ Travel

Uniquely Panama

EMS Photo Adventures

During this photo adventure, we will explore and photograph Panama’s cultural and environmental delights and iconic treasures including the Miraflores Locks and Embera indigenous tribe; spend 3 days in the cloud-forest highlands in Chirqui Province, and visit special areas in Panama City: Casco Antiquo, Amador Causeway and Balboa Artisan’s Market.

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afrocuba dancer photo taken in a photography tour to cuba

Photography tours to Cuba led by Louis Alarcon

Louis Alarcon is a professional teacher and photographer who manages exclusive photography tours every month in Cuba, the place where he got married and that he now calls home.

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— A Shinto god dances for the community elders of this small farming village in the mountains of Kyushu. The Kojiki, an ancient collection of Japanese myths, describes the possible origins of the Kagura dances as when the sun goddess, Amaterasu, retreats into a cave, making the world dark and cold. Another Shinto goddess, Uzume, danced wildly at the cave’s entrance, taking off her clothes, causing the other gods to laugh, and eventually luring Amaterasu out of the cave.

Japan’s Ancient Myth Road

Offbeat Photography Workshops & Tours

As the sword is drawn from the water, drops form on its edge, and when the gods sweep the blade through the sky these drops fall into the ocean, forming the mystical islands of Japan.

Discover the soul of Japan and its hidden realms of culture that few tourists experience.

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