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Mursis on the road to Key AFter. Ethiopia



NOMAD PHOTO EXPEDITIONS Photo Tour to Ethiopia Omo Valley and Lalibela. The vanishing tribes and the Religious Lalibela (optional extension) we are there for the the January Timkat Celebrations the festivities at the sacred world heritage site of Lalibela..

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— A Shinto god dances for the community elders of this small farming village in the mountains of Kyushu. The Kojiki, an ancient collection of Japanese myths, describes the possible origins of the Kagura dances as when the sun goddess, Amaterasu, retreats into a cave, making the world dark and cold. Another Shinto goddess, Uzume, danced wildly at the cave’s entrance, taking off her clothes, causing the other gods to laugh, and eventually luring Amaterasu out of the cave.

Japan’s Ancient Myth Road

Offbeat Photography Workshops & Tours

As the sword is drawn from the water, drops form on its edge, and when the gods sweep the blade through the sky these drops fall into the ocean, forming the mystical islands of Japan.

Discover the soul of Japan and its hidden realms of culture that few tourists experience.

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NOMAD PHOTO EXPEDITIONS full-fledged Mongolia Photo Tour to the NAADAM FESTIVAL and EAGLE TRAINING experience to the rural, little known Mongolia. All focused around contact with people – real people- who are living their lives in small, rural areas.

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Harry Fisch Bhutan

BHUTAN Photo Tour (Ext.NEPAL)

Nomad Photo Expeditions

NOMAD PHOTO EXPEDITION BHUTAN Photo Tour 11 days Bhutan Photo Tour with an extension to NEPAL . The of the country’s three most renown festivals: Thimphu, Ganthey and Tangbi Nabi. And a spectacular extension, should you choose it, to Nepal, Kathmandu Valley.

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Bagan temples with cattle by Kyaw kyaw Winn

Photographers Gone Wild – Myanmar

Luminous Journeys

3-time Myanmar Photographer of the Year K.K. Winn is a great inspiration & the ultimate Burma insider. Photograph all Big 4 destinations, highlighted by the Ananda Pagoda Festival in ancient Bagan, then go way off the beaten path to storied Chin State to document the last of the “tattoo tribes”.

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Photomonth East London International Photography Festival

Alternative Arts

Photomonth celebrates photography in galleries and venues across East London. The festival aims to demonstrate the diversity of contemporary photography and reach the widest possible audience.

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©Erik Almas

Creative Composites with Erik Almas

Xposure International Photography Festival

“So breathtaking are Erik Almas’ meticulously planned, produced and post produced images that fellow photographers and armchair Photoshop quarterbacks are often left to scratch their heads and wonder;
How’d he do that?”.

As it turns out this is a question that Almas is more than happy to answer.

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Xposure International Photography Festival

Xposure International Photography Festival

Xposure International Photography Festival is the official photography educational & imaging platform that combines a broad range of photography events including; Exhibitions, Workshops, Seminars, Presentations, Competitions, Photo Walks and a photographic product Trade Show.

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United Photo Industries

We are thrilled to announce that we will be celebrating our fifth year in our home on the Brooklyn Waterfront. This year, we will be centrally located in the Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, directly under the iconic bridge in DUMBO!

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