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December 9-13, 2017
New Mexico

Every year, tens of thousands of birds including sandhill cranes, Arctic geese, and many species of ducks gather each autumn and stay through the winter. At dawn and dusk, snow geese erupt in explosions of wings, and flight after flight of geese and cranes can be photographed going to farm fields to feed or coming in to roost in marshes. This bird photography workshop at Bosque del Apache is scheduled during a timeframe of historical peak activity at the wildlife refuge.

What You’ll Learn

Improve Your Avian Photography Skills

This Bosque del Apache photography workshop is an excellent opportunity to improve your bird photography skills right alongside Nikhil Bahl. Whether you are making bird portraits, photographing memorable action shots, or getting creative with birds in flight, Nikhil will be focused on your photography and making sure you are getting the best shots possible.

Nikhil will be right by your side to teach you various aspects of bird photography including:

  • How to create the perfect photo composition of your subject
  • Angle of light and the difference it makes in creating photos
  • How to select the right focal length
  • How to select the right settings on your camera for specific situations
  • How to create consistently sharp images of birds in motion
  • How to slow your shutter speed down to create artistic blur images of birds
  • Post-processing tips and techniques

Visit our website to see the complete workshop itinerary.

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