Hosted by: Jim Cline Photo Tours
Aug. 1-18, 2019
angkor, cambodia

Take your visual storytelling skills to the next level with this two-week immersive photo workshop and tour in one of the most beautiful and photogenic countries in Southeast Asia. Cambodia’s eerily gorgeous temples may be a first-time visitor’s draw, but you’ll soon discover that it is the people who are the real treasures here.

In addition to exploring Angkor’s enduring temples, we’ll have the privilege of documenting, one on one, the first-hand accounts of remarkable individuals and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) whose harrowing stories will work their way into our creative imaginations. As if your human subjects weren’t already compelling, you’ll chronicle these narratives against the stunning backdrop of Siem Reap’s historic French colonial buildings and open-air markets, and the Cambodian countryside’s jungle-clad temples, rural villages, and emerald green rice paddies.

During this unique cultural experience, you and a small group of other participants will learn visual storytelling skills and techniques from award-winning humanitarian photographer, Karl Grobl, and Patrick Firouzian in a classroom-like setting, and then immediately apply them to a real life photo documentary you’ll collect in the field and on the streets of this captivating region. Karl and Patrick will present talks on story choice and development; interviewing subjects using photography and multimedia equipment; audio recording, basic sequencing, and multimedia editing skills. They’’ll challenge and mentor you from the inception of your visual narrative through to its final edits. Plus, you’ll enjoy the camaraderie and collective wisdom of like-minded individuals willing to travel the world to find and tell a good story.

This immersive exchange deepens through our nightly group dinners, when images and critiques are shared, or when Karl and Patrick project instructional lectures. Upon completion of our projects, the slideshow and/or library of images will be gifted as a token of appreciation to the NGOs or individuals that entrusted us with their stories. We’ll close our workshop tour by presenting participants’ images and stories to the group, and with the fitting farewell of an all out celebration.

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