Hosted by: PhotoVoyagers Photo Workshops & Tours in Greece
2018: 11-18 May -&- 17-24 September
Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece

Making the complete round and photo-tour of all of the Peloponnese, an area of Greece which gathers so many important monuments and places of natural beauty, what the visitor really experiences is an incredible journey through time, in a period that covers, at least for the areas included in the photo – tour, almost four millennia of History and Culture.

Having given the same amount of time and effort, in shooting both classical antiquities and the areas that flourished during the Byzantine period, we will meet ancient cities like Corinth, we will go to the exact spot where the ancient Olympic Games took place, we will walk to amazing sites that only recently have come to light, such as the ancient Messini, which is one of the greatest photographic stops of this All-Inclusive photography workshop.

Travelling through centuries, we shall witness the rise and fall of Byzantium, the powerful forts of the Greeks and Venetians (Acrocorinth, Methoni, Monemvasia and many more), we will photograph the places that stood against the armies of the Crusaders and we will go into the humble church where the last emperor of the Byzantine empire swore to protect the people of Constantinople.

We will walk in medieval streets, next to millennia old temples, alongside traditional settlements of 19th century Greece. All this, in an all-inclusive magical trip of exploration and discovery, filled with unknown photo “treasures” that you will remember and cherish for the years to come…

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