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Ancient Delphi, Greece

When Zeus decided to locate the center of the earth, he let two eagles fly from both ends of the world. The sacred birds met in Delphi. What a beautiful myth…

In this amazing 1-day photo workshop in Delphi, we will travel and discover the significance that this place had acquired in antiquity. People from all over Greece, Italy, Sicily and North Africa were seeking advice and guidance, while honoring master Apollo. Even foreign kings and leaders like Midas and Croesus sent votive offerings asking for the help of the oracle. The Delphic Priesthood was recognized as the authentic and principal regulator of all religious matters.

There is really so much to photograph and to talk about in this 1-day photo tour. Even the location itself is emitting a different kind of primordial energy and a mysticism throughout the photogenic landscape. The ruins of the impressive Temple of Apollo definitely attract the attention of most tourists and travelers. A little bit higher we will find and photograph the theater of the sanctuary, one of the most well-preserved Greek ancient theaters. It was built in the 4th century BC in place of an older wooden one. Of great shooting interest in this photography workshop is the Templeof Athena Pronaia, located in a different place, several hundred meters from the previous one. It was built around 500 BC in the place of an older temple and has being destroyed by a fall of rocks from the slopes of Mount Parnassus but the site still holds a great part of its original architectural beauty. This one day photo trip will surely unfold all the splendor of your Archaeological Photography skills

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