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2018: 21-25 May - 11-15 June - 15-19 October
Athens, Greece

It is known in every corner of this planet that universal concepts such as Democracy and Philosophy were born here, in the holy place of Attica, in ancient Athens and the surrounding areas. The program of this trip clearly involves the complete guiding and help to photograph all of these impressive monuments of the city.

Certainly we could not miss a photo-tour to the Acropolis or going to the ancient Agora and Keramikos, as well as driving to the temple of Poseidon at Sounio, to take these classic shots in the sunset.

But beside everything else, we always give extra care for some features that will add uniqueness to our photography workshop. So, the all-inclusive tour of “Ancient Attica” has been enriched by numerous excursions and photographing in places and monuments that ordinary tourists normally are completely unaware of their existence.

If the ancient theater of Thorikos or Ancient Elefsina and Amphiaraeion do not ring any travel bells or don’t remind you of anything important, this is the ideal time to get your photographic gear and become a genuine explorer in our group and A PhotoVoyager just like us. What will surely be remembered for a very long time, will be the descent and photo shooting in the cave of the god Pan, with the unique ancient sculptured representations of the rocks and…

But let’s keep it a secret for now, shall we?

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