Hosted by: DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC
July 16, 2018
Chugach National Forest, Lot 2, Whittier, Alaska

We begin in our day meeting in Whittier, the gateway town to western Prince William Sound, keeping an eye out for marine wildlife as we travel to Harriman Fjord where we will find 5 tidewater glaciers, icebergs, spectacular waterfalls, wildflowers and massive peaks of the Chugach Mountains thrusting 8,000 feet above the water.

There are two planned beach landings where we stand a good chance of taking close-up photos of icebergs with glaciers and mountains in the background. Along the way and once in Harriman Fjord, there will be ample opportunities to capture glaciers and mountain views as well as the possibility to photograph sea otters, birds, harbor seals, and other marine wildlife.


  • A privately chartered boat (for our group only) with flexibility in itinerary
  • 2 beach landings (conditions permitting) for land-based photography
  • Tour date picked for a morning low tide that maximizes potential to walk up to and among icebergs stranded on beach for unique photo opportunities
  • Usually lots of fireweed in bloom
  • Expert photography guidance by long time pro and successful Alaska photographer
Event Host: Michael DeYoung/DeYoung Photo Workshops LLC

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