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Sojourn 1 — January 26 - February 8, 2018 (14 days)
Sojourn 2 — February 12 - 25, 2018 (14 days)

Kathmandu Valley & Pohkara, Nepal

“Inside Nepal — a Sacred Sojourn” is an intimate, handcrafted photography tour/workshop that will take you into the heart of Nepal’s spiritual landscape and culture. It’s an authentic journey where you, the photographer, will explore and intimately experience the religious traditions that have survived for thousands of years. In addition to having a unique cultural experience, photographers will learn photography techniques (both basic & advanced) that will develop their photographic abilities and personal vision.

— Butter lamps and incense help purify the air and invoke a positive spiritual mood conducive to meditation and prayer.

The educational component of this photography tour consists of review/critique sessions, workshops: 2 – 3 special sessions & daily “in the field” sessions, as well as a cultural guide who provides background & historical information about specific religious events, their origins and the diverse ethnic groups that practice them. Since the tour is limited to 5 – 7 photographers, each photographer will receive at least 2 half-days of personalized instruction from Mick in the field.

Off Beat Photography Workshops & Tours is totally committed to providing a professional photography education and a culturally enriching tour that benefits both the traveller and the local people of the host country. The tourism we promote is designed to lessen the ecological impact on an environment and maximize sustainable human development and social equality within it.


Trip Highlights

  • Immerse yourself in some of Nepal’s timeless religious rituals & traditions;
  • Witness one of the last matriarchal festivals of Hinduism where 200 women pray & fast for one month;
  • Photograph the predawn procession of Buddhist pilgrims bearing candles & incense as they circumambulate the Bodnath stupa, the largest in Asia;
  • Experience the Butter Lamp Festival where Tibetan refugees create elaborate displays of lamps, some as large as a building;
  • Witness one of the most sacred Hindu holidays, photographing the exotic and colorful mixture of Sadhus and ascetics as they pay homage to Lord Shiva;
  • Stay at a “homestay” in the foothills of the Annapurna range, photographing village life as it has been lived for thousands of years;
  • Receive expert, individual instruction for improving your photographic technique & personal vision from an awarding winning, internationally renowned photographer.


Sojourn 1 Tour                                  Sojourn 2 Tour

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