Hosted by: Arts + Cultural Travel
September 10-16, 2018

The Workshop:

“I began traveling with a sketchbook in 2011, on a weekend trip to Porto, Portugal. Immediately, I loved sketching for the way it slowed me down and helped me be more mindful. The second thing I noticed was how sketching makes your whole body pay attention — it brings every one of your senses to life. After years of traveling with my Canon SLR, it was my turn to be the camera. As though my eyes were the aperture and my mind was a square of film to be exposed, I was absorbing each place more deeply than I ever had before. At last, I was living in the here and now.

But even more than a tool for mindfulness, I have since learned what a powerful tool sketching is for connection. There’s just something about art that encourages people to approach you, to peer over your shoulder, to look up at the subject you’re sketching and then back at your drawing to compare likenesses. I’ve been invited into family homes in Bosnia, danced with union workers in a Dublin pub, and befriended young monks in Cambodia, simply because I happened to be sketching on location.

These serendipitous encounters — and the global connections they engender — are now the very reason I travel. Furthermore, they are the reason I love sharing my passion for sketching with others. Join me in Portugal as I share my processes and experiences with you, and we set out to sketch together in this unique workshop that marries creativity, culture, and connection:

1 – Creativity — Develop and hone your sketching skills…or discover them for the first time! Through a series of morning workshops and demonstrations covering drawing, composition, watercolors, and post-processing (i.e. scanning your sketches and creating high-resolution digital versions of your artwork), we’ll take you further on your creative journey.

2 – Culture — Create vivid, rich memories of your time in Portugal. From the northern city of Porto to the historic neighborhoods of Lisbon and lastly to the villages of Sintra, Cascais, and Cabo da Roca — mainland Europe’s westernmost point — we will slowly work our way down the coast of Portugal, keeping our senses on high alert as we discover this beautiful country.

3 – Connection — Grow your courage and comfortability with sketching on-location, discovering the meaningful way in which sketching helps us unlock deeper connections with a place, with others, and ultimately, with ourselves. –Candace

Event Host: Arts + Cultural Travel

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