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Appassionata Me

Italy quite literally changed my life.  In 2010 something moved me to register for a painting class……….in a convent...... in a small town in Italy…......painting faces.  That might not sound too extraordinary except that I’d never painted before, couldn’t afford it and had never done anything that bold in my life.  What was I thinking?  I had no business going to that class. I knew I’d be awful but the idea wouldn’t go away.  So for once in my life I listened to that voice and did something crazy just for me.   I was right.  I WAS terrible at painting but it didn’t matter.  That fateful trip ignited a passion in me for both painting and Italy that has fueled my life ever since.

My life shifted on that trip.   I learned I didn't have to settle for an ordinary life.  I could fill it up with whatever I dared to put in it.  I have been back to Italy many times since then and have fallen deeper in love every time I go.  Incomparable beauty is around every corner.  The sense of awe and wonder still fill me up no matter how many times I’ve been there.

Ever since that fateful first trip I paint every chance I get.  I still don’t know all the rules but I don’t care.  I’ve made up my own.  I was never interested in doing it "right".  I paint because it fills me up and simply because it's a blast. 

I painted so much and was so excited about it that my friends asked if they could come paint with me.  They had so much fun they asked if they could bring their friends.  Then those friends of friends asked if I could come to their houses and show THEIR friends.  I finally realized that I was on to something larger than a simple art class.  These women had no artistic background but, once the fear of doing it "wrong" was removed, it became about laughing with friends, playing around, drinking wine and just having fun.  The joyful act of creating was more important than creating perfect art.  Yet my simple techniques allowed them to be successful artistically in ways they never thought possible.

One day, while touring around Tuscany with some girlfriends, I had a light bulb moment.  We had stopped at a beautifully renovated farm for lunch.  As we walked around the property I was dumbstruck.  This place was PERFECT for doing art classes!  Ideal indoor and outdoor spaces, delicious food and wine on site, amazing scenery, apartments on the premises, gracious hostess……………I could visualize everything instantly.  I knew that somehow I had to get people to Italy to this very spot.

So that’s what I’m doing.  I’m living my dream and sharing it with anyone who wants to join me.  And just because I want you to experience as much as you can, I’m including several guided travel days in the trip.  You’re in Italy!  You should see some of its most famous and breathtaking sights.  I will make that happen for you.  You don’t have to worry about a thing.  I will take you around Florence, Pisa and the charming city of Lucca for 5 days and then we will spend 5 days on the Tuscan farm playing with art and exploring villages, restaurants and wineries in the evenings.  What could be more fun?

I am so excited to bring this artistic travel adventure to you.  I may not have fancy artistic credentials after my name but I do have a great passion for teaching art as well as a great passion for beautiful Italy.  What a combination!   I promise you that you will have an extraordinary adventure!

Bethany Ekblad

Appassionata Me

.......fill me with extraordinary, adventuresome moments



All inclusive approach to travel. All details will be taken care of for you including authentic apartment accommodations, museum passes and private drivers.  Guided travel around Florence, Pisa and Lucca as well as the Tuscan countryside.  Art instruction for beginners including several different techniques designed for those who just want to have fun with art and aren't worried about doing it "right".  Pre-trip planning advice.  Private tours available.

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