Hosted by: Instructor, Meredith Rosier
September 2–3, 2017, Saturday–Sunday, 9 AM–4 PM
Woodstock School of Art, 2470 Rte. 212, Woodstock, NY 12498, USA

Transparency is perhaps the most enchanting method of conducting light and space, seen as playing a formative role in drawing and painting for centuries. Ponder the glory of emanating light by J. M. Turner or the opulent ink washes of Victor Hugo and the water reflections of Frits Thaulow. Present day artists continue their process of discovery in the portrayal of illusionary space with an expansive array of materials.

What is the illusion of transparency and how can artists arrive to disclosure and veiling at the same time? How does light pass through layers of pencil or paint or collage, reflect off the surface behind and gleam back to the viewer with that special luminescence? How can one space detect two independent types of forms in the same place? How can the qualities of a color determine perceived depth in space? What are the principles of repeating patterns to create the illusion of transparency?

How do shape and color exact the possibility of refraction? What is the relationship between opaque and transparent materials and the space they reside in? How can an artist depict three-dimensional space and then bring the viewers attention back to the work’s two dimensionality?

This workshop offers you a pragmatic and explicit study of the sumptuous quality that perplexes and intrigues artists and enthralls onlookers. I will assist each artist to build a Transparency Dictionary. Your dictionary will give you a vocabulary of means to create transparency in drawing, watercolor, ink, acrylic paint and oil paint.  Your working surface, whether paper, canvas or Mylar performs a different function for the attainment of transparency. We will explore the physical evidence that each provides. Experimentation is conducted using abstract forms to understand the terms through which one arrives at transparency in form rather than to proceed by mirroring style.

You need not have prior experience. I cordially invite you to forge new ground that will add visible breadth to your repertoire.

All levels welcome

Meredith Rosier creates drawings that reflect her examination of the interaction between exactitude and vagueness. So to sustain the apprehension of the picture plane and to slow the process of categorical recognition, she courts the dialogue of abstraction. Rosier has studied drawing at Yale University School of Art and was awarded a full scholarship for the Masters of Fine Arts Degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia. Her drawings reside in museum collections such as the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Weatherspoon Art Museum , Greensboro, North Carolina; Arkansas Museum of Art, Little Rock, Arkansas. Her work has garnered many awards and in 2015, she was presented with The National Association of Women Artists Genius Award.

In an effort to maintain our non-toxic environment, the Woodstock School of Art  does not permit the use of turpentine or mineral spirits. Additionally, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or scents of any kind. Learn more.


September 2–3, 2017, Saturday–Sunday, 9 AM–4 PM

Event Host: Woodstock School of Art

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