Hosted by: Arts + Cultural Travel
September 8-13, 2018
Sardinia, Italy

The Workshop:

When was the last time you stepped outside, into the sunlight, and inhaled a deep breath of salty sea air? When was the last time you walked over cobblestones, climbed ancient stairwells, and emerged above the world to set up your watercolors and easel? When was the last time you took a week just for you – for your creativity, for your art, for your pure and simple joy?

For those who love the open air, panoramic landscapes, the golden sun, and the turquoise oceans there is plein air painting. For those who love culture, history, and unforgettable cuisine, there is Sardinia.

It is here, in this spectacular setting, that artist Allison Watson shares her incredible talent with us. From in-depth basics to detailed demonstrations, from practiced techniques to lessons in layout, composition, color mixing, value (light and dark), Allison works closely with us – with you, one-on-one – to build your skills at your own pace.

“Everyone will complete one or more small paintings at each of the beautiful locations of Santorini. These include rugged landscapes, seascapes and historic sights, turquoise water and quaint villages and castles. Every participant will have personal attention and will work at their own pace. You will work with acrylic paint because of its spontaneous and forgiving quality. You will learn the basic techniques of creating a plein-air painting including color mixing and basic composition, etc.” – Allison 

For a week, you’ll dedicate your time, your energy and your creativity to building your skills, to creating new habits, and to immortalizing your memories with paint. Along the way, you’ll tour the crescent of Sardinia, filling your sketchbook with mementos, memories and drawings.


Event Host: Arts + Cultural Travel

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