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September 23-29, 2018

‘being (t)here’ is an intensive site-specific masterclass that looks at the poetics of place through immersion in the local landscape. Each class is tailored to exploring its particular locality, but also covers the fundamentals of bundle dyeing on both textiles and paper. Though, as travellers, we work small, the techniques learned may be applied to larger projects when participants return to their own studios. On sunny days we spend time outside making experiential wanderings. If the weather dictates, some work will take place indoors.

Using cloth, stitch, paper and locally gathered plant dyes (from weeds and windfalls) along with drawing, writing, mark-making and paper-folding techniques (developed especially for the class) we build a series of small and intricate workbooks mapping the journey of our time together.  We record our experiences through dyeing, drawing and painting as well as through poetry and story, developing a vocabulary of marks from the landscape and gathering a rich resource of words and images to take forward into other work. We will also work on a journey cloth that doubles as a shawl, hand stitch a tsunubukuro bag and hand twine some cord from dyed cloth remnants.

Walking is an essential component of our work. There may be music as well as rich silences. Times of deep listening, experiential drawing and the gathering of “gorgeous nothings”…spontaneous poetry noted while wandering, as well as gentle group performances of aleatory poetry created by reading aloud together.

Through engaging deeply with place, we find a way home into ourselves.

Juvet Landscape Hotel

With our deep love of Norway and its amazing natural treasures, we think we’ve discovered another perfect setting for our Being (t)here workshop with India. The Landscape Hotel Juvet..located in a small village called Valldall located north of Norddalsfjorden (a spectacular Fjord) in the northwest coast of Norway… ahhh just pure magic!

We’ll immerse ourselves in the spectacular environment created by Juvet, the first landscape hotel in Europe. Situated in the farmstead of Brutigard farm on a steep, natural levee amongst birch, aspen and pines. The architects Jensen + Skodvin envisioned a landscape hotel that would blend in with the natural environment.

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