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Peters Valley Ireland & Park

Sculptural Stringed Instrument Making

Peters Valley School of Craft

Come join us and make your own sculptural string instrument! Whether you are a musician who wants to learn woodworking to make your instrument, a woodworker who would like to learn the elements of string instrument or someone just looking for a fun week, this is the class for you.

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Peters Valley Mark Melonas Concrete

Concrete Tables

Peters Valley School of Craft

Come make a concrete table of your very own design while learning three different concrete casting methods and different mold making tricks to create your table.

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Peters Valley Mobiles Sue Eyet 1

Fragments of Life: Mobiles

Peters Valley School of Craft

Ordinary objects unearthed from boxes & drawers, trigger memories as they are transformed into precious elements destined to become part of airborne sculptures known as mobiles.

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Peters Valley Mold Making Mark Melonas a

Moldmaking for Small Objects

Peters Valley School of Craft

Learn how to think about, plan and make molds of small objects. Using single and multi-part rubber molds we will make copies of these objects.

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Peters Valley Mo Kelman 2

Skins & Skeletons: 3D Textile Constructions

Peters Valley School of Craft

In this experimental workshop you will learn methods for building skeletal structures with rigid and semi-rigid materials like reed, rattan, bamboo, wood, wire, found materials and recycled frameworks.

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wine bottles color enhanced sized for 11x14

Tuscan Paint and Wine Party

Appassionata Me - Bethany Ekblad

Five days guided travel in Florence and Pisa and five days playing with different artistic techniques on a beautiful Tuscan farm. We will laugh and create and drink wine and laugh some more. This is all about the joy of creating. Come join us. This is going to be fun!

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Intuition Painting & Yoga: Release & Empower 4-Day Retreat: Kashi Ashram, FL

Paint Awake™ & Juicy Creatives

Release 2017 and Set Intentions for 2018! *
This Retreat of Renewal combines Intuition Painting, yoga, satsong, meditation, and mindful release of 2017, with powerful intention setting for 2018!

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Version 3

Vision & Touch: Dynamic Surfaces in Mixed Media and Wax–Workshop & Art Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Lisa JonesMoore

TEXTURES, COLORS, PATTERNS, SHAPES! They are everywhere, especially in the magnificent country of Mexico. Using both mixed media and encaustic wax techniques, discover how to combine these rich ingredients to create a beautiful work of art, utilizing small “tacTILES” that you will assemble into a larger work. All levels welcome!

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Mosaic Art Workshop in

Hacienda MOSAICO: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Create a beautiful mosaic in a tropical, art-filled setting. Studio is open 24–7 and the workshop includes breakfast and lunch on a beautifully enclosed walled Hacienda. There is inspiration and art all around!

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