Hosted by: InstructorPolly Law
June 6–7, 2017, Saturday–Sunday, 9 AM–4 PM
Woodstock School of Art, 2470 Rte. 212, Woodstock, NY 12498, USA

In the Artful Use Of What’s At Hand workshop students will explore the techniques and materials bricoleur (bricolage artist) Polly M. Law uses to make her signature “paper dolls”. Her techniques combine art and craft, combining the two disciplines to create unique textures, vibrant color work, and poetic form. Every detail, from color choices, means of attachment of the elements, pattern becoming texture, to gesture and costume, all come into play as she creates this new way of expressing the figure. Her work is deeply rooted in myth, symbolic gesture and motif, yet retains a certain playfulness as it must as it is rooted on the principle of bricolage- “the artful use of what’s at hand.”

The participants will explore color interactions, embellishment techniques, attachment techniques, how figures articulate, and how gesture conveys meaning. There is a certain playfulness inherent in the process and participants will be encouraged to not only learn but enjoy the processes and express themselves through their work.

Each participant will be provided with a figure template, the figure pieces will be cut out of illustration board, painted, embellished and then articulated using one of several modes of attachment. We will also be incorporating found natural elements, if they are available. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a fully assembled figure and the knowledge and skills to add a background, add to or modify the template, or design their own figures. These techniques and skills acquired can be applied to other formats and media outside of the workshop.

Suitable for all levels; no experience necessary!

In an effort to maintain our non-toxic environment, the Woodstock School of Art  does not permit the use of turpentine or mineral spirits. Additionally, please refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or scents of any kind. Learn more..

June 6–7, 2017, Saturday–Sunday, 9 AM–4 PM

Event Host: Woodstock School of Art

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