Hosted by: Artbreak™
October 8-14, 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

Our October 8 – 14 session is one of the best times of the year to pay a visit to Prague, transitioning sweetly between summer and autumn. The Czechs call this pleasantly warm time of year “Babi Leto” – Grandma’s Summer – while North Americans know it as “Indian Summer”. Like photography? The light is superb. It is also is time for a venerable Czech tradition: savoring yeasty new wine — called burcak in Czech. And – better yet – the arts in all their splendid forms are finally heating up after a long summer pause. We’ll also be enjoying a day trip by train up the Elbe to Dresden to visit the Zwinger gallery and take in the unique architecture of this jewel of a city.

Prepare to never be bored! Every one of this session’s morning workshops introduces a new medium, spanning from sculpting to water color to plein air painting in Letna Park (overlooking the magnificent Prague skyline). A morning at artbreak™ is not a “master class” for professional artists but a chance for ordinary people to relish the catharsis and fun of artistic expression, in the supportive company of gifted art teachers. All artbreak™ morning workshops are designed to accommodate beginners: No prior experience or even prior interest is required – just a willingness to explore something new for a few days. That said, if you do happen to be an accomplished artist, artbreak™ is a no-risk chance to try new media for expressing yourself, and for meeting artists in a different country.

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