Hosted by: Wilson Street Studio
August 4-8, 2017
Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada

In this event, you paddle a canoe and paint scenes no one else can. It’s a real adventure, like painting with Tom Thomson or one of the Group of Seven. We paddle into our campsite through the backwoods. Set up your tent, cook your meals in the open and paint in the heart of the backwoods.

Keith begins by giving you a lesson in how to approach plein air painting and how modern colour theory makes colour mixing so much easier.

The next day we paddle out to our first painting location, set up and get to work. Keith mentors you all day, with the occasional demonstration. We eat lunch at our painting destination and continue until late afternoon, then back to camp for dinner and a discussion of the day’s progress before turning in for the night.

This schedule continues for the duration of the retreat. Eat, paddle, paint, paddle, eat, discuss, sleep.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student who wants the experience, you will gain a great deal out of this event.

Event Host: Wilson Street Studio / Keith Thirgood

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