Hosted by: Art instructor: Jan Min History Guide: Aristotelia
22 june, 2017- 29 june,2017
Kalamata, Peloponnese,Greece

22.06.2017 – 29.06.2017

Join us in a wonderful trip of History , Art and Adventure on the Land of the Ancient Historical Greece!
Methoni-Koroni-Mystras-Kalamata (town)-Ancient Messene
ART INSTRUCTOR: Jan Minjanmin1a

– learning techniques watercolor,wet in wet,wet in dry,dry on wet,.dry on dry etc.
– use of various brush strokes
– make good compositions
– explanation of colors,use of cool and warm to create light
– learning on the spot (plain air-learn how to use your heart in painting,this goes beyond all techniques)
– use own creativeness!
– create of a loose painting style!
– tonal values use
-and of course…all custom directed…depends on the level of student
HISTORY GUIDE:  Aristotelia

Will be visiting and painting

22.06.17-Arrival Day
23.06.17 – Methoni-13th century Venetian Castle

24.06.17Koroni 13th century Venetian Castle and Village

25.06.17 Kalamata -The home of World Famous Kalamata Olives(Castle, Marina ,Open market)

26.06.17  Ancient Messene (369BC)-ruins of the large classical city-state of Messene refounded by Epaminondas in 369 BC, after the battle of Leuctra and the first Theban invasion of the Peloponnese. Epaminondas invited the return to their native land of all the families that had gone into exile from Messenia during its long struggle with and servitude under the military state of Sparta.

27.06.17Mystras -the second Capital of the Bizantine Empire-Here the arts and letters were cultivated by important artists and men of intelect who whould play a significant role in the growth of humanistic studies and the evolution of artistic trends in 15th century Europe.

28.06.17- Exhibition & Galla Day

29.06.17 Departure DAY

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